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Autism Partnership of Island County APIC Screening


Autism Partnership of Island County APIC Developmental Screening

Developmental Screening

A screening tool identifies a child who is at risk for a diagnosis of autism. A positive screening does not mean your child is autistic. It means that specialists need to gather more information to understand your child’s strengths and challenges. Examples of developmental screening tools: MCHAT (Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers), ASQ (Ages and Stages Questionnaire), CAST (Childhood Autism Spectrum Test). Also, an autistic child may have normal screening scores using these tools and actually be autistic, which is also why a complete evaluation based solely on parental, teacher, or medical provider concern can be so important.

In Island County:

APIC strives to ensure each child has a medical home. If your child does not have a medical home or primary care provider, please call Pediatric Associates of Whidbey Island at 360-675-5555 or 360-331-1314.


Public schools have a big responsibility. They must identify, locate, and evaluate any kids who need special education. This is called “Child Find.” Looking for and finding these kids is an important first step toward getting them the help they need to thrive in school.


Child Find: Early Intervention Services--Ages Birth-3:

Toddler Learning Center, Whidbey (360) 679-1039

Sherwood Community Services, Camano (360) 629-1236


School District Special Education: Ages 3-21

South Whidbey School District: (360) 221-6808 x2206

Coupeville School District: (360) 678-2404

Oak Harbor School District: Ages 5-21 (360) 279-5071

OHSD Hand in Hand: Ages 3-5 (360) 279-5928

Pediatric Associates of Whidbey Island

Oak Harbor: (360) 675-5555

Freeland: (360) 331-1314

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